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Hey folks, just a few CMD updates!

I hate saying this but Tristina’s sprite is still not finished yet, artist has been busy with other things. Though, I’ll post a teaser here for now 😉

Tristina Teaser

There’s some big strides made in regards to the story. Editing is pretty much complete, and I’ve read through it once more to make sure there’s no more silly little spelling / grammar errors. I’d like to thank Anna (aka LegendEx) for editing my script. She’s helped me looked at the script in ways I would have never imagined. Thanks to her help, the script is pretty much where it should be now. Oh, and do check out her blog and her amazing writing samples.

So… the final word count for the script stands between 52k-56k, if anyone’s curious.

Oh, and I’ve pretty much determined which backgrounds I’ll need for the game. As I’ve read through the script I’ve also payed attention to the time of day and how each scene will play out. You know, I could’ve gone the lazy route and say I’ll need all day variations of Mikaela’s room. Or a variation of a beach background taking place at a different spot. However, BG art can get expensive very fast (depending on artist). So I determined which BGs I’ll really need, and which ones aren’t really needed. That also includes time of day variations, i.e. there are BGs where I need evening variations, but I don’t need a night variation. Yup, it’s called “responsible budgeting.” :p

I’m planning to hire a BG artist, next month the earliest and hopefully around January the latest. Still need to finish up gathering references for BGs. You know, I could go around town, take photos, and use them as references, especially the local mall and duck pond ^.^

Hope your Thanksgiving went well. And thank you for sticking around and following my projects, they mean lots to me and give me motivation to work on them, even if progress is kind of slow (especially with artworks). I’d also like to give my thanks to everyone who worked with me in my projects, both past and present. You’ve all been a tremendous help. 🙂


Progress, Editing, and Birthday!

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Good day everyone! Okay, I know you’re probably expecting new sprite artworks of Tristina (or Aurelia or Julia), but she’s still being worked on as of this post. I hope to post her sometime next month though! In the meantime, here’s a sample CMD screenshot:

CMD sample screen

Been working on the GUI a bit. It should be mostly the same from the previous Café Memoria, with a few new tweaks thanks to Ren’Py 6.99.11’s new GUI system (can’t wait for Ren’Py 7!). Of course, there are several things from CM1’s  GUI that could use a makeover and incorporate it into CMD. Like the Options / Preferences screen – looking back at that I think it could use a bit more effort.

How do the sprites look in the screenshot, btw? 🙂

Also, editing work is mostly complete. All that’s left now is to give it one more round of reading through and find anything needing refining. Also during that process determine what backgrounds I’ll need. Speaking of which, I’m in the process of gathering references for BGs, which… might take a while. Especially the ones involving interior design, not that great at it XD

Yeah, I know I posted this on my birthday today. But I just had to! ^.^ Not really fond of the thought of getting older, but ah well. Time to make the most of this day with friends and family, and of course progress~

That should be it. Thanks for looking and stick around for next post!


Moe moe tsun~

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Good day everyone, hope you’re all doing well! Me? Even though it’s nearing the end of September, it’s still pretty hot and humid. And here’s some new artwork of Mikaela. 🙂

Mikaela's Outfits

Click to view larger. So, what do you guys think of Mikaela’s new look? Does she look pretty cute and tsun-tsun? I think so!

So who’s next on the drawing board? Tristina?

While progress has been a little slow as of late, at least we’re taking a step at a time! Must admit it’s a little tough replying to progress from my editor. I have to read through the edited script (in a few batches of documents at a time), making sure stuff reads right and the tone of the story isn’t lost. And with each editing progress I receive, I need at least ~30min-1hr to read through them (just for one pass; I do multiple passes), and my surroundings as quiet as possible – yeah, stuff like barking dogs and leaf blowers break my concentration >.< Thankfully, it’s not that hard to find the right time to go over them.

Editing work is more than halfway done. When the script is done being edited, I’ll give it a full read through, and let my editor know of anything that’s missed, and whatnot.

Replying to art progress? That’s significantly easier, just go over the artworks with your eyes and see if anything didn’t turn out the way you want it to – doesn’t require intense concentration, I think. 😛

So… yeah. VN creation (or games in general) is a time consuming progress. I’m so tempted to rush things, but I remind myself – take your time, otherwise it’s not going to turn out the way I want it to be.

That should be it for this post. You know, it’s been a little over a year since I began working on Café Memoria Deux, when it was just a simple MS Word document with concepts. Now it’s slowly being fleshed out ^.^


New Artist, New Artworks

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Okay folks, it’s time to reveal some new artworks from my newly chosen artist!

Anna's Outfits

I’d like to introduce Bianca, aka Ryuushiro / WaffleMeido as Café Memoria Deux’s artist. Do check out her site, her works are very lovely. 🙂 So what do you guys think of Anna’s new look? I think she looks pretty cute! Click to view larger.

Mikaela is currently being worked on as of this post, so look forward to that. 🙂

And, let’s not neglect the story! It’s currently being looked over by my editor, with several documents already edited. Pretty interesting how I read over the script before sending it to be edited, and it looked fine to me. But reading my editor’s comments opened my eyes on how the script can be improved. Ahaha, I must admit, English wasn’t my strongest subject during my school years. But yeah, I’ve learned quite a bit from my editor.

With sprite artworks and editing work being done, perhaps it’s time to consider background artworks for the game. I’ve already started planning which BGs I need, maybe something in the style of the original Café Memoria. Oh, the GUI needs some planning, too.

Hope you guys are staying cool in the summer!


CMD – Editor Recruitment

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2016/07/26 – Closed! I’ve chosen an editor. Thanks to those who applied!

Now that I’ve hired a new artist for CMD, it’s time to hire a script editor! It’s been nearly a year since I’ve started working on this project, outlining and scripting the story. And now here it is, ready to be looked over and edited!

Overview of the project

What you’ll be looking at

  • A script spanning 41 documents
  • Word count between 50k-55k
  • Genre: BxG, comedy, romance, slice of life
  • PoV: First person
  • A story structure spanning the month of July, with branching points
  • 9 characters: 1 main, 5 heroines, 3 sub characters
  • 6 endings: 1 normal + 5 heroine endings

What I’m looking for

  • Improving the style and consistency of the story and its characters, and make sure writing is clear, concise
  • Fixing any typos and grammatical errors
  • Additions / ideas to the story are welcome, as long as it fits within the goals of the story
  • Try to keep it between 50k-60k words
  • Reliability
  • Motivation and commitment!


  • Someone who has a good knowledge of the English language, specifically American English.
  • Some experience in:
    • Creative writing, amateur or professional
    • Writing for other VNs
  • Writing has to touch on the senses, specifically sight and smell, as there are scenes involving food.
  • Must be comfortable reading / writing some suggestive themes and some foul language. There’s no sexual content, however.
  • Editing period is within two and a half months / 9-10 weeks, with weekly updates; minimum of 6000 words a week. See “Budget” below.


Compensation is around $500-$600, depending on word count of final product, at 1 cent per word. Willing to pay on a weekly basis, at least 6000 words a week ($60), via paypal. Open to reasonable extensions, and negotiable.

Recruitment Process

During the recruitment process I will be selecting a few people to edit a test sample of the script. From there I will decide who gets to edit the script.

If interested please inquire via email, with samples of previous works. Note: please when sending samples don’t copy / paste it in your message, but send as link or attachment. Of course let me know here if you have any questions and concerns. Thanks for looking and I hope to hear from you!

Application Deadline: July 26 (may be extended)


A Very Hot CMD Summer

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Last week was extremely hot (like 100+F)! It’s cooled down a bit by now, but I think that’s an indication of long, long days of extreme heat in the following weeks x_x It’s okay, though, let’s cool off with full-body artworks of some more CMD girls!

Aurelia's OutfitsJulia's Outfits

Click to view larger. What do you think of them and their outfits? Aurelia still likes getting into others’ personal space, so if she does so in her swimsuit… yeah. She’s still her flirtatious and airheaded self, as always. 🙂 As for Julia, she’s still working hard at the café with Aurelia and the other girls, and enjoying her summer vacation with her friends. I think they came out very lovely. 🙂

Artwork of Elena, Anna’s mother, is currently being worked on. From the progress I’ve seen, she just looks… stunning. Something to look for next month!

BTW, I’m preparing a recruitment post for a script editor. I think I’ve self-edited the script so many times already, that the project needs to go forward and have another set of eyes look at it. Should be ready within a week or two, from the time of this blog post (tentative). Also possibly coming soon: recruiting a background artist.

Edit: 2016/06/28 – Something came up that will delay  progress of CMD quite a bit. I’ll try to have a blog post this Friday explaining the details.

Edit: 2016/06/29 – I guess I must let it out here, but due to some issues, Ezri, my artist, will be unable to work on CMD. It’s unfortunate as I’d like to keep her because she worked on the first Café Memoria. But I must respect her position, and let her go.

So, I’m planning to hire a new artist. I’m hoping have a post up this Friday with details, so stay alert!

Stay cool this summer, folks!


Magica Memoria

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Checking my email and seeing new artworks always excites me. I hope you’re excited for some new artworks as well! Here’s some Mikaela and Tristina in their various outfits.

Mikaela's OutfitsTristina's Outfits

Click to view larger, artwork by Ezri. What do you think of them? I know, right? I must admit designing Tristina’s magical girl outfit was a little difficult. When you think of magical girls, you might think of something very elaborate and colorful. And coming up with such a thing is hard, as in I had to sift through my anime pics folder for ideas, looking at magical girl anime, and such. But in the end, I passed on my ideas to my artist, and she came up with that, and I must admit she came out pretty cute. 🙂

Why Tristina’s in a magical girl outfit? Without spoiling things, at one point Café Memoria Deux explores an anime titled Magica Memoria. You will learn how it relates to Tristina and the issues she’s going through.

And what is Mikaela up to? She’s just living out her life as usual, working at the café, getting her grades up to par, and as such. She’d rather go to the beach and have fun, than take summer classes. 🙂

As for project status, it’s going pretty good! While the script’s been self-edited / proofreaded several times, it’s almost time to hire an editor / proofreader, probably next month or July. And as of now I’m making a list of what backgrounds I’ll need before commissioning a BG artist. Oh, and event CGs are being planned out as well.

More character artworks in next blog post!


CMD Script Progression

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Thanks for those who participated in critiquing Café Memoria Deux’s outline, it’s very valuable!  I’ve started writing the script. Okay, I have a minor confession: I went a little crazy and started writing the rough draft of the script during that critique session (like a month ago), and finished it less than a week ago. I don’t know, it’s kind of like I found lots of motivation inside. I’m seeing all these ambitious visual novel projects around me, and if they can do it, so can I. 🙂

Fear not, I will consider your suggestions for the story. Now it’s going through the process of self-revisions / self-editing, after which it’ll be open to others for editing, maybe within a month or two. Next month might be a little busy for me though, one of my co-worker’s is planning to take a vacation >.< If you have suggestions for the game, do let me know!

I’m hoping to have some new CMD art commissioned next month, so sit tight! Progress is a little slow, yeah, but it’s taking small steps at a time. 🙂


CMD – Outline Critique and Review

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Cafe Memoria Deux Logo

*Post edited: 2016/02/24

2016/03/22: Closed! Thanks to those who helped out!

Cafe Memoria was made possible because of others willing to help in its creation. Now Cafe Memoria Deux is asking for your help! It took me several months but the outline is now open for viewing!

What is Cafe Memoria Deux?

“Café Memoria Deux” is the sequel to “Café Memoria. Like its predecessor, it is an interactive slice-of-life visual novel set in a fun restaurant environment. Again, you play as Ryne, as a customer trying out the various foods the café has to offer. The game system is the same as its predecessor (food selection, rating system, etc…). However, “Café Memoria Deux” offers more of a story, more food selection, more characters, improved rating system, and of course, the ability to date one of the girls.


Café Memoria has been open for several months, with great success. It is summer vacation, and Ryne is busy with summer school, along with his friends Anna, Mikaela, and best male friend Jacob. Ryne figures that by taking summer classes, he will have a better chance of going to the college of his choice. However, Anna, Mikaela, and Jacob are taking remedial classes due to poor grades; the former two have their work hours cut as a result. Julia, Tristina, and Aurelia are not taking summer classes, but are still working at Café Memoria.

Café Memoria is often the hangout spot for Ryne and his friends. One day, Anna gives Ryne a Café Memoria summer discount card, for being her friend. He decides to make use of it during his hangouts with his friends before, and after, summer classes.

Let’s create summer memories at Café Memoria!


Ryne Reyes
Ryne is the main male protagonist who enjoys eating with his friends at Cafe Memoria. He takes summer classes to prepare for college, and because there isn’t much to do during the summer aside from going to the beach. Described as calm and friendly by most of his friends, he likes to help them with the problems they face. He hates it when Julia and Mikaela bicker over him. One of his hobbies include computers, and spends lots of time on them.

Anna Pervova
Anna is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, Elena. She startles easily and is quite shy. Even though she can be shown to have bursts of confidence through encouragement, she can get discouraged rather easily when things go wrong. Her grades aren’t that great, and because of that her mother says she can’t work that often (as much as she would want her to), she needs to focus on getting her grades up to par. She does look up to Ryne for help with her grades. She is very self-conscious about her rather flat chest, often comparing herself to Aurelia’s.

Mikaela Kier
Mikaela is Ryne’s childhood friend, and is somewhat overprotective of him. Even though she says she doesn’t want to work at Cafe Memoria, she still does, well into summer vacation. Like Anna, her grades aren’t good and can’t work that often due to summer classes. She has a very short temper and loses patience easily. She considers Julia as her rival for Ryne’s affections. Although her actions say otherwise, she often says that she only likes Ryne as a friend. Despite putting up a tough facade, certain things scare her, like spiders and scary movies.

Tristina Hamilton
Tristina still works at the restaurant simply because she thinks they’re cosplaying. She can be considered to be a “closet otaku”; she collects various anime items, including figures and whatnot, but not many people know about it. She still has a hard time with males and tends to treat them differently compared to females, but she tries hard to correct that, learning from what Ryne said (in the prequel). Because of that, her personality can range from cold and unsociable to light and fluffy. She hates being hit on by Jacob, one of Ryne’s best friends. She is in the high school’s cooking club.

Aurelia Alvarez
Aurelia is supposedly the reason why Cafe Memoria is a successful restaurant. Because of her extreme kindness, as well as physical attractiveness, there is at times a huge influx of male customers (usually from the high school), who come just to see, and hopefully be served by, her. Even so, she is still as airheaded as always, and lacking in common sense, despite having among the best grades and high popularity in school. She is the president of the high school cooking club, although her cooking skills could use some work. She is a pretty skilled video gamer as well.

Julia Sakuraba
Julia is a very modest and polite girl who downplays any accomplishments she’s done. She still works at Cafe Memoria, so she can improve her relationships with her friends and family. Even though she tries to avoid conflict as much as possible, she finds herself getting into petty arguments with Mikaela, which is often about Ryne. She is in the high school’s cooking club, and people describe her as being very talented at cooking. She likes gardening as well and grows her own fruits and vegetables to use in her cooking, as it saves her money.

Sub Characters

Elena Pervova

Elena is the owner of Café Memoria, as well as the mother of Anna. She is pretty easygoing and likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter. However, when the time arises, she can get pretty serious. She hopes to pass on the café to her daughter, but with her being so timid, she’s not so sure.

Jacob Alessia

Jacob is Ryne’s best male friend who happens to serve as comedic relief. He is the only male at the local high school’s cooking club, which is mostly female. His two goals in life are to be a world-renowned pickup artist, and a celebrity chef. He has eyes for Tristina, although she isn’t too fond of him. He is obsessed with the color orange.

Alden Alvarez

Alden is Aurelia’s twin brother. Unlike his sister, he is not as airheaded and lacking in common sense. He is quite uncomfortable around females, however. His sister tends to inadvertently embarrass him in public. He hates it when people tell him about how his sister is hot, often receiving inappropriate questions about her (like “would you do her”?).

Some stuff to know before reviewing:

  • Outline word count: ~41.8k words, spanning 8 documents
  • Skimming through it is okay, due to its length
  • While CMD, like its predecessor, offers food selections and critiquing your waitress, those parts are not outlined, as I’m only focusing on the story for now.
  • Grammar check / editing not necessary, but do let me know if some parts are unclear because of weird grammar usage and such.
  • This is volunteer work.
  • 3-week review period, from 2-23 to 3-15 3-22. Afterwards I’ll start writing the script <- date extended!

Outline sample, click to view larger:

Outline Sample, Week 1

What I’m looking for:

  • Constructive criticism
  • Overall feel of the story
  • What seems to work well? What can be improved?
  • Any ideas to add to the story?
  • Anything else?

Interested in looking over it? Please send me an email here, and I’ll send a link to the outlines. Thanks, and I look forward to your feedback 🙂


New Year Progress

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Hope your new year is going well so far! 🙂

No new artworks this time, but I can say I’ve made significant progress in outlining CMD’s story. Within a month, I’ve managed to outline three out of the five girls’ routes. I’m trying not to let my work schedule slow me down as I’ve set a February deadline to get them done. It’s tough as I’m pretty tired after work and just want to laze around and play games. But I just keep a motivated face and fight through.

Gotta admit, I go through phases of: 1. not wanting to do anything, 2. then there’s work on the project but not putting forth much effort, 3. and then there’s me putting lots of effort into it. Right now I’m in the #3 phase as I’m going through a writing spree as of late. If I’m working grave shift then that’s going to put me into 1 or 2 due to lack of sleep, but thankfully I’m done with such a schedule. How does one make a living working grave? Yeah, there are people who love working those hours, but still…

Because I’m almost done outlining, next month I’ll likely have my outlines open for volunteers to critique. After that I’ll start writing the rough draft of the script. Look forward to it, and see what Anna and her friends are up to! 🙂


  • Outline: ~85%
  • Script: not started yet
  • Artworks: not started yet (not counting the concept artworks)
  • Voices: not started yet


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