Two More New Characters

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Two more characters who will appear in Cafe Memoria Deux! Artwork once again courtesy of Ezri. Click to view larger.

Cafe Memoria - Jacob AlessiaCafe Memoria - Alden Alvarez

Jacob Alessia

Jacob is Ryne’s best male friend who happens to serve as comedic relief. He is the only male at the local high school’s cooking club, which is mostly female. His two goals in life are to be a world-renowned pickup artist, and a celebrity chef. He has eyes for Tristina, although she isn’t too fond of him. He is obsessed with the color orange.

Alden Alvarez

Alden is Aurelia’s twin brother. Unlike his sister, he is not as airheaded and lacking in common sense. He is quite uncomfortable around females, however. His sister tends to inadvertently embarrass him in public. He hates it when people tell him about how his sister is hot, often receiving inappropriate questions about her (like “would you do her”?).

What do you guys think of them?

Writing is going pretty well. I’ve just finished outlining the common route, and started outlining Anna’s route. Cafe Memoria Deux may be mostly a comedic visual novel, but there are some dramatic moments as well.  To those who’ve played the prequel, you know that Anna is a shy and clumsy girl. But how did she become that way? I think each of the girls’ routes will be the most enjoyable to write, because I’m getting to know them more. Their likes, dislikes, their pasts and whatnot. I’m hoping to finish outlining those routes within a month or two, then perhaps have others critique what I have written, before writing the script.

I honestly can’t wait until I get to getting voices recorded. But, let’s not rush things 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Had to work on on that day (and have to work on New Years), but at least they pay double. Hope you guys enjoy the new artworks. Thanks for following my projects, and look forward to significant progress for Cafe Memoria Deux next year! Happy holidays and stay safe!


Meet Elena, Cafe Memoria Owner

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I want you all to meet Elena Pervova, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and owner of Cafe Memoria! And of course, Anna’s mother. 🙂

Cafe Memoria - Elena PervovaClick to view larger. Concept art courtesy of Ezri.


Elena is the owner of Café Memoria, as well as the mother of Anna. She is pretty easygoing and likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter. However, when the time arises, she can get pretty serious. She hopes to pass on the café to her daughter, but with her being so timid, she’s not so sure.

I managed to commission some concept artworks of the new characters, and of course Elena is one of them. What do you guys think of her? Her legs are kind of sexy, don’t you guys think? There are two other new characters, but they haven’t been done yet.

As far as story progress goes, it’s going very well; I’m nearly done outlining the second week. You guys are in for a treat when you get to that point in the story – there’s a party at the end of the second week, but what kind of party? Not going to reveal, but let’s just say I’m taking advantage of the fact that CMD takes place in the summer. It’s hot, and what better time is to go out and play? 😉

I’ve decided that CMD is going to take place over the course of three weeks. It was originally going to be four weeks (or probably more, can’t remember), but I’ve written so much story of the girls that there probably wouldn’t be much left to write about if it were four weeks. I think it would be still enjoyable having the game span that much time.

Oh yeah, this week is Thanksgiving. A little bummed out that I’m working on that day (yeah, my job is one of those 24/7/365 establishments), but at least they’ll pay double. But I’ll say in advance, Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for following me and my projects, hope you’ll stick around for the completion of CMD. Also, stay safe, use common sense, and don’t drink and drive (I’m serious)!


Lots of CMD Progress!

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I am happy to say that I’ve covered a lot of ground outlining Cafe Memoria Deux’s story. I’m still a little undecided how long the game should be – should it span a month (in-game), including the girls’ routes? Or should the common route span a month, then branch off from there? I’m leaning towards the former. It’s going to take a bit of restructuring, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ve outlined how the first week should play out. Similar to the prequel, with each day focusing on a single girl / waitress. But the major difference here is you are presented with a quite a bit of choices. Not just selecting your food and rating your waitresses, but making choices in response to various situations. Your food selection, feedback, and any other choices you make have a strong impact on which girl you end up with. You also have a chance to hang out with a girl on the weekend, further increasing your relationship with her.

Do note that a few of the girls can play hard-to-get (guess).

If you love Cafe Memoria, then you’re going to love Cafe Memoria Deux. While it’s still a slice-of-life genre, you will learn more about the girls – her likes / dislikes, her backstory, and any problems she’s going through. I’m currently watching the third season of the anime Working!!!, and there was this character I didn’t particularly like, spanning back to season one.  But after watching this certain episode and learning about her backstory, I feel that I gained a better appreciation of her.  In comparison I think CMD will make you appreciate and like the characters even more. 🙂

I’m hoping to have some CMD artworks ready for next month (or in December), specifically of the new characters. Still deciding on how they should look, but I have a rough mental image of Anna’s mother Elena. She looks like her daughter in a way, but I see her in her late 30s, blue eyes, and long brown hair that’s tied near the bottom. But unlike her daughter, she’s not shy and is rather casual about things.

Side note: Somehow this post coincides with my birthday (the 26th). Just something to note ^.^

Thanks for reading!


Some Progress for CMD

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I must admit I couldn’t get much Café Memoria Deux (CMD) progress done between last blog post and now. Working a single grave shift and multiple days on day shift every week can get draining. And just last week had a really rough schedule that consisted of a single day off in between work days, and faced three days on grave and two days on day. I’m working such a schedule for at least 4+ months already because someone quit and I have to pick up the slack on grave shift. I wish they hired someone already. But at least they granted me my time off, and currently enjoying it. I’m hoping for quite a bit of CMD progress done during that time.

I haven’t outlined the story just yet, I’m still working out the character profiles, their background story, likes / dislikes and whatnot, as well as the system. Speaking of which, a typical day in CMD might go like this:

  • Events at home / at school / etc
  • Go to the café
  • Select your drink
  • Select your food
  • Eat your food
  • Rate your waitress
  • Events at home / at school / etc

In Café Memoria, you spent most of your time at the cafe. In CMD, you are able to spend quite a bit of time outside of the café. Before or after you go to the cafe, you spend some time with a girl (whether it be at home, school, etc), and have a chance to improve your relationship with her. I’m trying to make the game in such a way that the girls have a schedule – they have days off and days they work.

I could very easily make it so that one day you’re hanging out with Julia on her day off. And when you enter the café, Mikaela is serving you, but she gives you a hard time because she sees Julia as her rival. Perhaps I could implement a “jealousy” system of some sorts XD

I have quite a bit of ideas for the sequel, and this game seems like it’s going to be large. I’m a little torn on how long this game should be, maybe the game should span a month of in-game time (not a month to complete the game)? I’m trying to assess what’s feasible / realistic towards completing CMD, in regards to my budget and work schedule.

I really should start making a schedule for myself, on by what day I should get x and y done.

Okay, that should be all for now. I hope CMD will have quite a bit of progress by the end of next month!


Looking for Script critiquers for Cafe Memoria

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Cafe Memoria Logo

Edit: Closed! Thanks to those who volunteered!

Click here for corresponding post at Lemma Soft Forums.

Now’s your chance to help out in the development of the VN, Cafe Memoria! I’m looking for a few people to critique the scripts of Cafe Memoria.

Story and characters overview

Café Memoria is a new restaurant in town, run and operated by a woman named Elena Pervova. You, as the male protagonist (Ryne), are curious about this restaurant and decide to eat lunch there. As you enter, you are greeted by a female friend of yours, and the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, Anna, who happens to be quite shy. Since she works here, perhaps this is an opportunity for her to improve. How well do you think she will do?

Ryne Reyes
Pronounced: rhine
Ryne is the main male protagonist who visits Café Memoria simply out of curiosity. Described as calm and friendly by his friends, he likes to help his friends with the problems they face.

Anna Pervova
Anna is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant, Elena. She startles easily and is quite shy. Her mother thinks that by allowing her daughter to work, her confidence will improve. However, she doesn’t think so. Because of her personality she tends to fidget a lot and is quite clumsy.

Mikaela Kier
Pronounced: mi-kay-la
Mikaela is Ryne’s childhood friend, and is somewhat overprotective of him. She inadvertently broke something expensive, and now she’s forced into a part-time job to pay it off. She has a very short temper and loses patience easily. Often gets into petty arguments with Julia.

Tristina Hamilton
Tristina decided to work at the restaurant because she thinks they’re cosplaying, although Anna insists they’re not. Despite this, she has a hard time with males and treats them differently compared to females.

Aurelia Alvarez
Pronounced: oh-reel-ya
Aurelia wanted to work at the restaurant because of a certain guy she knows is a regular there, who she considers a very sweet guy. She is perhaps the nicest, and the most physically attractive girl in the restaurant, albeit airheaded and lacking in common sense.

Julia Sakuraba
Despite having a talent for cooking, Julia opted to be a waitress in hopes of improving her relationships with her friends, including Anna. She’s very modest and polite, and downplays any accomplishments she’s done.

Elena Pervova
Anna’s mother, and owner of Café Memoria. Although you never see her in the game, her name is mentioned several times throughout. She is described as an easygoing woman who likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter.

Here’s more overview / progress of the project if you missed them: Click Here and Here

What you’ll be looking at:

  • Six Word 2010 script draft documents. An overview + the scripts; note the routes are played in this order:
    • Overview of story, characters, and system
    • Anna’s route: 7 pages, 2683 words
    • Mikaela’s route: 7 pages, 3406 words
    • Tristina’s route: 7 pages, 3629 words
    • Aurelia’s route: 9 pages, 3714 words
    • Julia’s route: 11 pages, 4338 words

Script sample, click to view larger:

Script sample, Anna's route

What I’m looking for:

  • Overall constructive criticism
  • Constructive criticism for each of the routes
  • Any suggestions on describing the taste of food.
  • Anything else as long as it’s constructive!

Keep in mind that this is a small and free VN, so this will be a collaboration.

Interested? Email me here, or send me a PM here (user: thebackup) with your email, and I’ll give you a google drive link to the scripts. Try to give me feedback (email or PM) within two weeks, between now and May 6th (trying to get this done before or around July!).

Let me know if you have any questions… Thanks!

-Ryne (project manager)

Why Anna and Aurelia look like sisters

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Anna casual outfitAurelia casual outfit

Okay, time for a somewhat silly blog post. 😀 Well, you can say that I’m trying to compensate for lack of new artworks as of late. And perhaps you can learn a bit more about the story.

Anna and Aurelia have quite a bit of similarities to each other that one can mistaken them for being sisters.

In the past, I was originally going to make them sisters, but in the end they differ in their values so much that I decided to give them different parents. I would safely say that Anna and her family tend to be more relaxed, while Aurelia and her family tend to be more strict.

Anna’s grades at school tend to be, say, rather average, even if she tries her best. Her mother is not particularly strict; while she does care for her daughter’s education, she’s not overly paranoid and controlling of what she does. She is an easygoing and relaxed mother who enjoys smalltalk – heck, she likes to tell embarrassing stories about her daughter (this might be one cause that Anna is self-conscious).

Aurelia, on the other hand, has the best grades at the school. She has to deal with so much stress in her life – from her strict and controlling parents, from students asking her for advice, being club president, and the pressure to keep her grades up. To keep the stress under control she comes to school every day with a smile on her face, giving the impression to others that she never gets angry.

Okay, why Anna and Aurelia look like they can be sisters?

Anna and Aurelia hair flip

  • Their names begin, and end, with the same letter
  • They both have brown hair and blue eyes
  • Both of their hair “flips” in a way (see above picture). I’ll bet if Anna lets her hair down, her hair will look similar to Aurelia’s, only much longer. (side note: man, I love Aurelia’s hair :p)
  • They both wear dresses in their casual outfits
  • They both have kind and gentle personalities

If I ever make them sisters, it’s going to mess up the whole story, because then either I have to make 1. Anna have Aurelia’s parents, and make her share the stresses Aurelia has, or 2. Aurelia has Anna’s lenient mother, and needs to have a reason why she is stressed and hiding it with a smile. It’s like I have to re-write the entire story.

Of course, Anna views Aurelia as a big sister figure, and Aurelia views Anna like a little sister.

Just in case people get the wrong message, Anna and Aurelia are not sisters! I created this post out of curiosity and for fun.

-Ryne (project manager)

Good morning post

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Time for some new music! New ones, plus a revision. Well, it’s not really a “good morning” post since I posted this around noon, but whatever. 😛

Memoria Test 4 – Good morning music; based it off of a certain track in the Japanese VN, With Ribbon. Tried to give it an airy, fresh feel, like as if you’re starting a new day.

Memoria Test 7 V3 – Having fun, cheerful music, or obligatory beach scene music. Tried to improve it some more by giving it more substance. Altered the piano line somewhat, added some substance to the part between 0:26 – 0:53, remastered it, and among others.

Memoria Test 16 – I’d like to call it… music that makes you so happy that you want to cry. You know, this was originally going to be Test 9, but then for some reason it “split into two.” Listen to the intro part. Also stole some elements from Anna’s theme music. 😛

Regarding the story

You know… I kind of notice that I don’t really post much about the story these days. I can safely say that it’s progressing very well despite some setbacks near the end of last month. Mikaela and Anna’s routes are seemingly near final draft status (after a second round of revisions).

Tristina’s route… is kind of questionable. It’s got problems regarding her behaviors and actions. I’ve read through it this month and made the necessary changes, but it’s going to need another round of revisions (a third round).

And then the First Semester, Julia, and Aurelia’s routes. I haven’t even started the second round of revisions yet! The First Semester is on my next to-do list, followed by Aurelia, then Julia.


You want new artworks? Well, there’s a good chance that there will be some soon. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the new content.

– Ryne (project manager)

Character Analysis – Aurelia

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I already finished revising Aurelia’s route (like a week ago), and just wow. I’m amazed at what a character she is, compared to the other girls.

When I created Aurelia, one of the first things I did was come up with a name for her. I browsed baby name sites and I stumbled upon that name. It sounded so pretty the name stuck on her; it fit her appearance and personality well. The name, meaning “gold” in Latin, fits well with her “golden” personality.

What’s funny about her name is that sometimes I think Mikaela should swap her name with Aurelia, mostly because Mikaela has blonde hair. But it wouldn’t fit her well; sure, Mikaela has the looks, but she tends to be short-tempered, unlike Aurelia.

Aurelia happens to be one of my favorite characters to write about so far, because she represents the best of human nature. That is, she exhibits an aura of gentleness and kindness, and takes a lot to for her get angry. She enjoys helping others, and that makes her happy – that happiness has a lasting effect on her peers. It’s no wonder why she’s so popular among the student body – many guys dream about asking her out for a date, and girls look up to her as a role model.

Heck, she was elected president of the cooking club, despite not being very good at cooking, because of those traits. Most people would readily vote for her if she ran for student council president, but she feels it’s not for her; club president is good enough for her. In addition, she has the best grades in her class, and loves offering homework help to her peers.

She can be considered to have the most attractive looks out of all the girls on campus, but she’s rather humble about it.

Of course she has her flaws, and nobody in the story is perfect. Aurelia feels like she has to make everyone happy. But every time you make someone or a group happy, there is someone or a group that is going to be unhappy about whatever it is.  Some of her peers even make her go through hell because they are unhappy with her. Another flaw that is most obvious is her lack of cooking skill, despite being club president, as stated above. I’d like to list another flaw about her here but it’s kind of spoiler-ish. ^_~

No matter what wrong is done to her, Aurelia is always forgiving. She loves her family, her friends and the students around her, unconditionally.

I really need to update her profile on the Characters page… it feels so out of date. Same goes for the other characters.

Check out the previous posts if you don’t know what she looks like!

-Ryne (project manager / writer / composer)

Story and Music Goodness

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Memoria’s story is going rather well. I’ve already started revising the first semester. As always, added, removed, and reworded details. The revising is with keeping Aurelia’s details in mind, and to an extent Julia’s. Those two needed the most revisions in the first semester, which will reflect in their respective routes.  Hence why I haven’t started revising their routes yet, but revising the first semester first.

I’m already done revising Mikaela, Anna, and Tristina’s routes long ago, and they don’t need much revising in the first semester. Of course they might need further looking into, might have missed something.

Oh and as a bonus, I’ve improved on Memoria Test 7 a bit. Major changes include: a piano in the background, chorus effects (subtle), some mastering, and added more power to the drums (they sounded weak in the first version). Posted both versions for comparison. Enjoy!

My younger sister should be posting new artworks soon, probably within the next week. Look forward to them because they’re in new outfits!

-Ryne (project manager)

Story Updates – Anna + Tristina + Others

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I apologize for the lack of updates from me (Ryne)! I did get a substantial amount of story and music done.

For the past months, been working on Anna and Tristina’s stories a bit, which required quite a bit of rewrites and restructuring. Reading them over and over again made me think – I must have been crazy to put that in there. Instead of making things blatantly obvious, I made things a bit more subtle. Intervals between days were condensed. Removed strange bits of story. And as always, made sure things made sense.

Reading over Tristina’s story, the last part seemed too extreme. I softened it to make it a bit more realistic. Also, added a day on her route as a day less is not going to work. I’m nearly done revising her (Anna is already done).

So far, out of all the girls I like Anna the most (story-wise).

The Characters page needs an update, to reflect the revisions (and among other things). Heck, parts of it don’t even make sense (at least for me)! For example, the page states that Glenn is overprotective of his daughter, Mikaela. But I made him more supportive of his daughter’s actions, considering his occasional screentime in the game.

One last thing – I will be posting more music next week!

-Ryne (project manager/writer)

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