Mikaela’s birthday present

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Hey folks! It’s my birthday today, so I’m sharing some significant progress of Café Memoria Deux!

CMD - in-game screenshot

Mikaela: “H-happy birthday! I-I’m not saying this because I like you, you know!”

Click to view larger. Here’s a preview of an in-game demo scene, in its full glory with sprites and BGs! I’ve spent the past weeks copying the script to Ren’Py code, in particular the first in-game day. It’s mostly done, I just need to do a run-through making sure all the script is there, some debugging / improvements, and of course adding in the food artworks. Then I have to do the second day, as well as hangout days exclusive to Anna and Mikaela (and waiting on some title artworks, ahaha).

Also, Ryne’s sprite artwork has not been done yet and therefore will not be in the upcoming demo, as well as some rating stuff (that could change though). But nevertheless we’re inching closer towards a demo release! I’ll announce it once I feel confident about setting a definite date.

For those wondering, Mikaela and Jacob are not sister and brother! They kind of look like it, yeah, but they’re not related. Though, I’m sure Mikaela would dread having a brother like Jacob; saying he’ll piss her off on days end is an understatement.

Now, I’m going to take the rest of the day off and celebrate my birthday with family. Work will resume tomorrow! In the meantime, look forward to more significant progress in the coming months!


Jacob’s antics

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Alright, it’s time to reveal one of three of Café Memoria Deux’s male characters this time. Let’s meet Jacob Alessia 🙂

Jacob's outfits

Click to view larger, as always. Jacob is Ryne’s friend, and is perhaps the comic relief of the story. He can be quite annoying, and especially gets on Mikaela and Tristina’s nerves the most. He enjoys pushing Mikaela’s buttons because he thinks it’s funny watching her get pissed off. And Tristina is especially the constant subject of his harassment, having eyes for her, but she expresses strong disinterest. But he keeps trying despite not getting the message.

How do you think he turned out? Let me know!

As far as other things go, I’m still reworking the script, and of course working on the game’s engine / Ren’Py.  Mostly on the latter, though, as I’ve been trying out Ren’Py 7’s layered images and I must say it’s an awesome feature! While I do love it, it’s a very tedious process making sure the sprites’ facial expressions are pixel-perfect, positioned as they were when my artist sent them to me. We’re talking about ~80+ expressions between 6+ sprites, plus extras like sweatdrops, anger veins, and the like (and Julia’s removable glasses 😮 ).

That should be it for now. We’re really picking up the pace here, right? Hopefully I’ll have something nice next month!


Two More New Characters

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Two more characters who will appear in Cafe Memoria Deux! Artwork once again courtesy of Ezri. Click to view larger.

Cafe Memoria - Jacob AlessiaCafe Memoria - Alden Alvarez

Jacob Alessia

Jacob is Ryne’s best male friend who happens to serve as comedic relief. He is the only male at the local high school’s cooking club, which is mostly female. His two goals in life are to be a world-renowned pickup artist, and a celebrity chef. He has eyes for Tristina, although she isn’t too fond of him. He is obsessed with the color orange.

Alden Alvarez

Alden is Aurelia’s twin brother. Unlike his sister, he is not as airheaded and lacking in common sense. He is quite uncomfortable around females, however. His sister tends to inadvertently embarrass him in public. He hates it when people tell him about how his sister is hot, often receiving inappropriate questions about her (like “would you do her”?).

What do you guys think of them?

Writing is going pretty well. I’ve just finished outlining the common route, and started outlining Anna’s route. Cafe Memoria Deux may be mostly a comedic visual novel, but there are some dramatic moments as well.  To those who’ve played the prequel, you know that Anna is a shy and clumsy girl. But how did she become that way? I think each of the girls’ routes will be the most enjoyable to write, because I’m getting to know them more. Their likes, dislikes, their pasts and whatnot. I’m hoping to finish outlining those routes within a month or two, then perhaps have others critique what I have written, before writing the script.

I honestly can’t wait until I get to getting voices recorded. But, let’s not rush things 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Had to work on on that day (and have to work on New Years), but at least they pay double. Hope you guys enjoy the new artworks. Thanks for following my projects, and look forward to significant progress for Cafe Memoria Deux next year! Happy holidays and stay safe!


Ideas Dump

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Not much progress lately, but I do have this story idea that’s been floating around me I’d like to share. May or may not be in the final draft.

So, me and Jacob sat on a bench just outside the mall, waiting for Mikaela to join us, she said she’d catch up to eat out with us. She’s… however, running a little late. It’s been fifteen minutes already…

Jacob: Man Ryne, is Mikaela always this late? Some childhood friend you have there.
Jacob: Forget Mikaela, Ryne. She’s probably still pissed off at you for hanging around Julia and stuff, and the other girls, too. I never knew you were such a player, dude!
Ryne: Funny, Jacob! I know Mikaela better than you do.

(Event CG of cellphone)
Suddenly, my cell phone rings. It’s from Mikaela, probably telling us she’s running a little late. However, when I open my cell…

(Event CG of opened cellphone, with picture of Mikaela posed flirtatiously in a bikini. The pic is centered around her cleavage, with the pic going from her waist up to her mouth.)
…there’s a picture message… of Mikaela… in a bikini. The message says… “Hey Rhino <3"

Ryne: Oh, c-crap!

I try to quickly close my cellphone before Jacob sees. Seriously… I-I-I’ve never seen Mikaela in a bikini before! I think I’m turning red…

Jacob: What’s up with the flushed face, my friend?
Ryne: …I-it’s nothing!
Jacob: Let me guess. Mikaela just showed you her cleavage, huh?
Ryne: Shut up! It’s nothing!
Jacob: Can I have a copy of that pic?

I’ve never felt so embarrassed in my life.

Jacob: So, are you and Mikaela officially boy/girlfriend?
Ryne: No, and we don’t plan to be.
Jacob: I think the two of you should break the ice already! I mean, you’ve known each other for quite a long time…
Ryne: Well… yeah, but still…
Jacob: Dude, you may feel that way, but I’m getting vibes that she wants something more from you. Especially judging from that picture, and when she was pissed off at you for a week…
Ryne: …She’s just probably teasing me! It’s nothing, okay?!

I see Mikaela exiting the mall carrying a shopping bag. Probably that bikini she bought earlier.

Mikaela: Hello Rhino! Sorry if I’m late.
Ryne: … (I turn away from her and start to blush hard.)
Jacob: What about me, Mikaela? (He makes a smirk.)
Mikaela: …Hi.

Oh, man… I’d never look at Mikaela the same way again. That picture has burned in my mind permanently. But… I have to admit, Mikaela… she’s actually kind of cute… yeah. I-I can’t make her my girlfriend, no, not yet… I’m not ready.

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Character profiles

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Character artwork is far from being done (they’re not even colored yet, hence silhouettes). I just felt like emulating those various Japanese VN sites. You know, image files containing character profiles.

Check out more here: http://pics.livejournal.com/coolmario/gallery/0000cfa7

I’ve yet to get my sister (Memoria’s artist) to post on this blog, but she’s REALLY swamped with college work. She would make a great visual arts major (she’s majoring in nursing).

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