Anna’s Birthday

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Hey guys! It’s Anna’s birthday this month, so let’s celebrate the beginning of the new year with new title artwork of her! Okay, well I might be a little late celebrating (her bday is the 21st), but it’s okay!

Title Sample - Anna

Click to view larger. How do you guys like her dynamic, yet somewhat flirty pose? I think that considering her shy and insecure personality, it’s her way of forcing herself to be more open and outgoing not only towards her customers, but to everyone else, including her friends. Of course that doesn’t stop her from being so clumsy and tripping, making her drop all the food and losing confidence.

A great way to seeing her other side, right? 😉 More title artworks of the other girls soon to come!

Aside from that, now that the holidays are over and after releasing my Christmas VN, it’s now back to work on CMD. I’m still rewriting sections of the script, but hopefully a demo will be out this year! There are still plans for releasing smaller projects if time persists.

Let’s make 2019 a great one! Thanks all for following me and sticking around, as always 😀


Step One to Releasing a Demo

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Hey folks! Hope your new year is going well so far! As for me, it was going well early and mid-January. And ever since last week came down with a cold that’s been keeping me from working on CMD. In fact I’m battling a headache as I type this. x_x (I guess I need a break from the project a bit?)

One of my goals this year is to release something, before the end of this year (December or earlier). It could be a CMD demo, or a Lollipop VN, or even both! Because, you know, showing words and pics on this blog are just… well, words and pics, and I know you all want something from me to play with. 🙂 Note that I said it’s a goal for me to release something this year – I can’t really set a concrete release date if other factors of the project get bottlenecked. But I’ll make sure this project and the team stay motivated!

In the meantime, let’s take some more looks at the world of CMD (aka: more BG art):

Path to school, day

Here’s an urban area, or path to school, complete with a strip mall and such. This is where characters stop by to have a cup of tea (or coffee, I’m not a coffee person BTW) on the way to school. Yeah, there’s always Café Memoria, but they need alternatives, right? 😉

Lastly, some things that are coming soon:

  • Julia’s sprite is nearly finished. I hope to show her next month!
  • Depending on the situation, might be doing some recruiting within a month or two – yes, this is for the food artworks.

That’s all for now. This is only step one (corresponding to the first month of the year), hopefully leading up to a release sometime this year!


PS: I really hope this headache goes away…

After Christmas Dinner

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Morning folks, hope you all had a great Christmas, and spending time with family and friends! I hope Santa Aurelia brought you lots of hugs, loves, and gifts, because she, uh, gave me some nice presents 🙂 And here’s some art progress as a little gift! (click to view larger)

Ryne's room, day

Let’s spend some time at my the protagonist Ryne’s room! One of his hobbies include computers, more specifically building and troubleshooting them (hardware / software-wise)! He’s not much of a gamer, but he built his computer with a, uh, Core i5 + GeForce GTX 1050, along with a somewhat high-end monitor. He’s also a bit of an anime fan (but not as much as Tristina… just wait until we get to her room!), with various figures in the cabinet – can you make out some of them? 😉 And like Mikaela, his room is of a green color-scheme. What do you guys think?

Considering the slow pace of Café Memoria Deux, I’m considering picking up my lollipop VN project and refining it some more. No, that doesn’t mean I’m cancelling CMD, more like multitasking on those two projects. Because you know, it’s been a couple years since my last VN release (the first Café Memoria), and I kind of feel things are going… stale. I need a refresher working on a smaller project and releasing it. The slowness is a little beyond my control, but might as well use that time to work on another project, as other aspects of CMD get sorted out (like Julia’s sprite art, event CG planning, etc).

Can’t really recall if I mentioned it before, but the lollipop VN will have a connection to the Café Memoria series! I hope to show some content in the next year. Especially some art of the lollipop protagonist, Li-, erp, don’t want to give out her name just yet! I think she’ll be a welcoming addition to the list of Memoria girls: Anna, Mikaela, Tristina, Aurelia, Julia, Elena, and ???.

That’s it for now. Another year has come and gone. Once again, thanks for sticking around my projects! Hope to see you again next year, and hopefully we’ll see significant progress.


New Year, New Artworks

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Hey guys, hope your New Year is going well. For me? It’s alright, a little slow and lots of rain lately. In fact said rains make driving to work all the more treacherous – all those flooding and mudslides x_x

And… this might have taken several months, but Tristina’s sprite art is now complete! 🙂

Tristina's Outfits

Click to view larger. What do you guys think of her? Especially Mahou Shoujo Tristina, aka her cosplay for the in-game anime Magica Memoria? She’s dressed up as the character Shizuka, the main character of the anime. You know, I should commission some artworks of Shizuka, and make some posters of her for the in-game “advertisements” for background art. I have a bit of an idea how she’ll look like – while she does wear the costume Tristina is wearing, maybe she’s a fairly short girl, short black hair, shy and quiet? I haven’t really gotten around to her design much, but she and Tristina have a bit in common.

Who’s next on the list? There’s Aurelia + Julia remaining, and three more characters.

As for background art, something came up and my recruiting post will be delayed a bit. I apologize! And I have to apologize for the slowness in art progress once again. Well, I guess games do take time to work on and finish.



Naughty or nice?

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On behalf of the Café Memoria girls, Aurelia would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Aurelia in a sexy Santa outfit

Aurelia: “Heeeey~ What do you want for Christmas? Now, don’t be shy~”

What do you think about her in a Santa outfit? Does she look nice? Or a more on the naughty side? Santa Aurelia would love to give you presents, regardless if you’re naughty or nice. Would you like to sit on her lap and tell her what you want? Come on now, don’t be shy, she’s a very generous girl. I would love to hear your comments. 😉

Thanks WaffleMeido for the lovely artwork!

As far as progress goes, yeah, Tristina’s still not finished, but I can say significant progress has been made on her, so I’m hoping to post her next month. Yeah, I apologize for delays in her artwork but my artist has been so busy with stuff like college.

So, what are the plans for CMD next year? Some pretty big plans.

  1. Finish sprite artwork. I’m hoping my artist can get Tristina finished soon! Also hoping to have some title artwork and/or event CGs done before demo release.
  2. Hire background artist. If all goes well with planning, then I’ll make a recruitment thread hopefully in the next month.
  3. Work on GUI some more.
  4. Work on website. Will largely depend how long 1 and 2 will take.
  5. Release demo halfway through the year. Again, will depend how long 1 and 2 will take.
  6. (Surprise?) – It’s too early to say, but I’m really considering it.

Yeah, this project is taking quite a while to work on, compared to the first Café Memoria. It just contains a bit more content so you’ll enjoy it when it’s finally released. 🙂 I do get a little worn out working on it, trying to balance my work schedule and this project, as well as dealing with setbacks. But I remind myself to be persistent and not giving up. I see quite a bit of ambitious VN projects and that’s one reason to remind myself I can do it.

But the most important motivator are my supporters and the people who are helping / have helped me with this project. I can’t stress this enough, but thanks so much for following me and my projects. And again, even if progress is slow.

Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! Let’s see what 2017 brings us. Don’t forget to tell Aurelia what you want from her next year XD


Two More New Characters

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Two more characters who will appear in Cafe Memoria Deux! Artwork once again courtesy of Ezri. Click to view larger.

Cafe Memoria - Jacob AlessiaCafe Memoria - Alden Alvarez

Jacob Alessia

Jacob is Ryne’s best male friend who happens to serve as comedic relief. He is the only male at the local high school’s cooking club, which is mostly female. His two goals in life are to be a world-renowned pickup artist, and a celebrity chef. He has eyes for Tristina, although she isn’t too fond of him. He is obsessed with the color orange.

Alden Alvarez

Alden is Aurelia’s twin brother. Unlike his sister, he is not as airheaded and lacking in common sense. He is quite uncomfortable around females, however. His sister tends to inadvertently embarrass him in public. He hates it when people tell him about how his sister is hot, often receiving inappropriate questions about her (like “would you do her”?).

What do you guys think of them?

Writing is going pretty well. I’ve just finished outlining the common route, and started outlining Anna’s route. Cafe Memoria Deux may be mostly a comedic visual novel, but there are some dramatic moments as well.  To those who’ve played the prequel, you know that Anna is a shy and clumsy girl. But how did she become that way? I think each of the girls’ routes will be the most enjoyable to write, because I’m getting to know them more. Their likes, dislikes, their pasts and whatnot. I’m hoping to finish outlining those routes within a month or two, then perhaps have others critique what I have written, before writing the script.

I honestly can’t wait until I get to getting voices recorded. But, let’s not rush things 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Had to work on on that day (and have to work on New Years), but at least they pay double. Hope you guys enjoy the new artworks. Thanks for following my projects, and look forward to significant progress for Cafe Memoria Deux next year! Happy holidays and stay safe!


Some Teasers

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Hope your new year has been going well so far!

Progress has been going well! Now that I’ve received the last of Julia’s redo lines I’ve already started post-processing them, and trying to make a push to get them done. Processing those voice files is so tedious, it’s taking me… 3-4 months to do them? I know Cafe Memoria’s a fairly short VN, but my work schedule is one factor of the processing time. But hey, I’m almost done with audio post-processing!

Also, I commissioned some more artwork from Ezri, and here are some teasers:

Anna and Mikaela teaser art

Just a few of the girls, I will be showing the full versions once I receive all of them. And also that bonus I mentioned in the previous post. 🙂

Voice Lines Processed:

  • Anna: 100%
  • Mikaela: 100%
  • Tristina: 100%
  • Aurelia: 100%
  • Julia: 55% – processing her lines
  • Ryne: 100%

Progress Estimates

  • Script: 100%
  • Character art: 95% – commissioning more artworks
  • Music: 95% – need to tweak stuff
  • Programming: ~75% – testing, and need to add in the voices
  • Voices: ~85% – just post-processing Julia’s lines, and I’m done!

We’re getting there! Let’s make a push to get this project done.


Some New Year Plans

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First off, would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I’ve been running this blog for so long already! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to complete a single visual novel since I created this blog; I do have Final Week (and some small ones) but that was finished before I started this blog.

Got some bad news, and some good news; first the bad news:

It seems like Memoria is going nowhere due to severe setbacks. What I’ve been doing lately to keep this blog alive is commissioning artists just because I wanted to see new artworks of the Memoria girls, and among other stuff that will not be put in the final game. I’ve been stalling a bit in hopes that my artist sister will resume in the main Memoria artworks. But, it doesn’t look that way anytime soon (unless some miracle happens…).

And some good news:

I’m not giving up on Memoria! I’m not going to replace my sister anytime soon despite her not working on it for quite a long time. In addition I’ve been revising music, and revising each of the girls’ route outlines, so at least there’s progress. Once I’m done revising Julia’s route (3rd round) I’m planning on putting this project on hiatus, because…

A smaller VN is in the works right now. See, Memoria is big, and big projects take a looooong time to complete. So I decided to go small and create a small VN. It will feature all the Memoria girls you’ve come to love, plus all those music tracks I’ve created. I’m planning on commissioning an artist for that project, although I’m not going to start recruiting until I get a significant part of the script done. And as for the title?

More details I’ll reveal in a later post.

By working on smaller projects it’ll help things go smoother once Memoria is back on a regular schedule.

Sorry, no pictures this time! But I do thank you all for supporting Project Memoria throughout the years, and especially through hard times. I hope to release a small VN (or maybe more) this year for you all!

Again, Happy New Years 2014, and best wishes to everyone! 😀

-Ryne (project manager)

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