Voice Actresses and Actor for Cafe Memoria

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Cafe Memoria LogoEdit: Closed! Thanks to those who applied!

It’s finally time! I’m looking for voice talents for Cafe Memoria! See here for details.

Thanks so much!

-Ryne (project manager)


Sprite Artist For CM

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Cafe Memoria Logo

Edit: Closed! Thanks to those who applied!

I’m looking for a sprite artist for Cafe Memoria! See here for details.

Yeah, this is a rather short post. But posting what I said in the link here would be redundant. Kind of like when I did a post on the script critique XD

Aside from that, thanks!

-Ryne (project manager)

The Future of Project Memoria

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Memoria characters group pic

Normally, I try to keep personal issues out of this blog. But I figure I have to post it since it’s affecting the project greatly.

The artworks, aka my sister Richelle’s drawings, form a significant component of the lifeblood of this project. I know that everyone likes to look at drawings of pretty anime girls, right? Even I do, I get very eager to see what new drawings she has come up with. But… as of this year, she hasn’t been posting much drawings. In fact, she only posted once this year.

According to her, it’s just not her priority right now. She has been going through so much stress lately, that it’s hard for her to even work on drawings. She, out of the blue, told me that she quits. But, after more than three years working on Memoria, I seriously doubt that she wants to quit. I mean, why throw away years of hard work?

So, I’ll say that she’s on hiatus indefinitely. I don’t know when she’ll continue working on them; she needs healing time. It could be a month, two months, or maybe into next year; I don’t know. I might have said on Twitter that I might have to recruit a new artist, but then if I did recruit a new one, that would be an insult to my sis and all the work and effort she has put in so far (and to this project, possibly everyone else).

I’ll continue posting on this blog, with story and musical updates, and among other things. If you want drawings, enjoy what there is for now, because there won’t be new ones for a while, I’m afraid. (more here and here -latter link NSFW-)

I’m not giving up on her, not only because she’s a major lifeblood component for this project, but because she’s my sister. I wish her the best.

Lastly, I like to thank our (me and my sis’s) followers for their support. We started this VN back in 2009 and I know it’s taking so long to complete. Thank you for sticking around and checking out our progress, and we hope you continue to. 🙂

– Ryne (project manager)

Overdue Updates and More

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Pixæl Works Site

As you may have noticed I don’t update my Pixæl Works site often. However, I’ve decided to update the layout a bit and add new content. Come check out the site and play some of my old visual novels, listen to my musical renditions from various videogames and anime, and among other things.

Speaking of which, I’ve created renditions of music from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, as well as Infinite Stratos. I created them several months back, but I figured they’re worth sharing here.

Let me know if anything is broken in the site, especially regarding the layouts and such.

Pixæl Soft Gallery

Decided to create a new theme for the gallery; check it out here, and let me know if anything is broken.

Character Pages

And finally, I’ve updated the Characters page of the blog to reflect the current state of Memoria’s story. And made the layout a bit nicer, too. Again, let me know if anything is broken or messed up.

Hope you all enjoy the new stuff I posted. I need to get my sister to post new artworks, because I know you all want to see new artworks of the girls. 😉

-Ryne (project manager)

Huge Updates

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Memoria Logo

You guys might have remembered this post, but I figured out why Coppermine gallery wouldn’t let me directly show images on this blog: apparently the server was blocking hotlinks, so I configured it to allow hotlinks for this blog. If all went well you guys should see the Memoria logo without fail; click to see full-sized image.

Also, I created a twitter account for Memoria. I might make changes to this blog later so it integrates with twitter. Follow me and my sis on memoriavn!

One more thing, I spent all day upgrading the gallery to the latest version. It was a huge pain to upgrade as I had some setbacks but it’s working now. I encourage you guys to visit it and let me know if anythings broken.

Gonna update my sister on how to use the twitter and hotlinking images.

– Ryne (project manager)

Anna has pretty blue eyes

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I think from now on at random times my post titles will have a random fact of a Memoria girl. XD

But anyway, as I was revising the story I’ve been thinking about a subtitle for Memoria. I’ve looked at some of my favorite Japanese VN examples:

  • * Petapeta ~linking little fingers to confirm a promise~
  • * Floating Material -The Hill Where the Star Born- (I think they mean: Where the Stars Were Born?)

So, somewhat along those lines, I’m thinking for this project’s title/subtitle: Memoria ~where hopes, dreams, and desires become reality~

I’ll leave it up to you guys to figure out why I chose that subtitle as the project progresses. The title is a little more obvious if you read the “Story” section, though I promise you it’s more than just Ryne having bad/pleasant memories of a girl. ^_^

Sister’s got some colored artwork done. Once I get a hold of her I’ll have her post some – they’re looking excellent.

-Ryne (project manager)

On Working as a Group

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Compiling a visual novel as a group is hard work, I know.

As a manager of two VN projects (Memoria and the Final Week remake), I have to keep tabs on my artists to make sure they’re doing their job. Of course, I need to keep tabs on myself, as well. I’m giving myself and my artists every other week to get at least something done. I understand they have school/college and work and such, and I respect that – it’s called time management.

If you’ve guys read the “what is project Memoria” section, you’ll see that the characters were recycled from a scrapped project. That’s what I really want to avoid, scrapping the two VN projects.

For all those VN enthusiasts creating their own VNs – don’t give up. You might have some setbacks among your team members, but as long as you negotiate with them then problems will be minimized, making things go more smoothly.

Expect something new at least once here every two weeks from this post on (story and art-wise). Especially since my sister bought a shiny new Wacom tablet. 😀

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Updated story and character pages

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Reworked on the story and character pages to make it less wordy. I also reworked the “What is Project Memoria” page but only “What is a VN” section; might need some more work. I could’ve posted this weeks ago, but I was so busy with other stuff, mostly with the Final Week remake.

There was a circum-critique thread at the Lemma Soft forums, and received several critiques on this blog a month-and-a-half back. Credits to the members of the forums for making a difference for this blog:

  • Tsundere Lightning (if you’re reading this TL, your username is awesome)
  • JinzouTamashii
  • Midnighticequeen
  • risingdreams
  • Anyone I missed?

Might rework it some more when I have the time. I have to admit, the revisions look SO much better.

Remember, constructive criticism is open anytime! 😉

– Ryne (aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Final Week – enhanced remake

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I know that the Project Memoria blog is primarily for my current VN, Memoria. But I might as well announce it here!

Along with a friend of mine (he’s an excellent anime artist), I’m also working on an enhanced remake of Final Week, a VN originally created as a big art project in my final semester of college. The upgrades include:

* Major graphics overhaul: character graphics will be redone, plus the inclusion of event CGs (I didn’t have the time to include them when I first created it)
* Some bug fixes and minor script modifications, possibly getting better voice actors/actresses

I might make two versions of the game: a non-H version, and an H-version (18+, for you hentai fans out there). No art samples as of yet; this project just started yesterday.

If you guys haven’t already, download the original game here: http://pixaelworks.pixaelsoft.com/final_week.php
Comment on the game in this post, or here: http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6098

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