Poll #5 – Your Memoria Girl

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Memoria Girl Personality Quiz

Here’s a little “personality quiz” thing I programmed using PHP just for fun (and for lack of things to post lately 😛 ). Which Memoria girl will you date? I believe this will give you an idea what each of the girls are like. This quiz is mainly oriented towards guys, but of course girls can take it too if they wish.

Take it here

You’ll be treated to a nice graphic result when you’re done 🙂

Okay, to be honest, I rushed while creating questions, although I took my time programming the quiz engine. Sometime later I’ll refine the questions (and perhaps the engine). Let me know if there are any bugs, or have suggestions!

Oh, and a poll. Who did you get in the quiz? ^.^

Hope you enjoy!

-Ryne (project manager)

Poll #4 – Pronouncing names, and name jokes

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Ryne summer uniformMikaela summer uniformAurelia summer uniform

Yeah, it’s been a looooong time since poll #3 (well over a year!). But here’s a new one nonetheless. 🙂

Several of the characters have rather uncommon names, and I understand if they’re hard to pronounce (or interpret when others hear and say it). This is particularly the case for Mikaela, Aurelia, and the male protagonist Ryne.

Heck, in the story, when Aurelia is introduced Ryne  hears it as “Amelia.” And Aurelia hears Ryne as “Renee.” Them referring to those names is sort of a running gag throughout the story. Like for example:

  • Aurelia: Hello, Renee!
  • Ryne: What is it, Amelia?
  • Aurelia: Ooooh, my name is not Amelia!
  • Ryne: Well, my name is “Ryne,” not “Renee!”

Okay, here’s the poll. I’m particularly curious about how others pronounce the uncommon names upon first sight. For the record, the official pronunciation of them in-game are:

  • Mikaela: mi-kay-la
  • Aurelia: or-rel-ee-ya
  • Ryne: rhine, like the Rhine River

Vote once for each name, for a total of three.

Why the uncommon names? Because I felt they fit them well. I’ve told my sis once that Anna’s name may be too plain and she responded that “they can’t have all crazy names.” XD And yes, if you haven’t noticed already the male protagonist is named after myself. 😛

– Ryne (project manager)

Poll #2 – Party Time

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Created this poll out of curiosity rather than writer’s block. Plus around this time it’s spring break for all those high schoolers/college students out there!

I’m writing a section of story where spring break is approaching. Aurelia’s throwing a party at her place for spring break, as her parents allowed her to because of her straight A grades on her progress report; she invites Ryne over to the party, plus most of his friends.

However! Mikaela doesn’t have so good grades, specifically she’s failing her algebra class. As a result she can’t go to the party and must work on extra homework assignments during spring break to catch up. She refuses the help offered from Ryne and his friend Timothy out of frustration (personally, she hates Timothy).

Even if Mikaela refuses your help, would you stick to her and help her out? I find this a tough decision for Ryne because he’s childhood friends with Mikaela and he REALLY would like to help her out; however, Ryne finds Aurelia’s good-natured demeanor (and physical attractiveness XD) too hard to resist and wants to go to her party. However, he only has known her for half a semester at this point.

Would you:
A: Go to Aurelia’s party and socialize (with girls like Julia/Anna/Tristina); convince Mikaela to let Timothy help her with her assignments.
B: Help Mikaela out yourself because you’re worried about your childhood friend.

Post a comment if you want to vote “other.”

-Ryne (writer, aka nayukifanboy/thebackup)

Poll #1 – Writer’s Block

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I’m in a bit of a writer’s block! I need your guy’s opinion on something, so I created a poll. I’m writing a part of the story where Mikaela gets in a very bad mood towards Ryne because of him hanging around other girls. As Ryne, what would you tell her to make her feel better? Take into consideration that the two have known each other since childhood.

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