There aren’t enough VN girls named Paulina

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(Well, with 1 entry according to VNDB on 2021-1-26, ahaha)

Hello folks, hope your new years are going well! It’s time to show some “Dating Sim” remake character art. I introduce you the first of three girls: Paulina!

Paulina's character profile

So, in designing her I’ve decided to diversify my characters a bit. Paulina’s perhaps my first female original character with a darker skin tone. I think she turned out pretty cute! Her personality is somewhat like Anna’s, as in shy, timid and such, but with the added characteristic of her wariness around guys (description in image) – though said personality is a carryover from the “Dating Sim” prequel.

I’d like to thank my friend Arctic Fox (her twitter) for doing the artworks! The effort in her work certainly shows! I do have completed artworks of the other two girls, but I’d like to take my time in introducing them, one at a time ^.^

I hope that has piqued more of your interest in the remake project. More artworks in the coming months!


Dating Sim Remake – Editor Recruitment

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2021/1/14 – Closed

I need a script editor for my “Dating Sim” VN remake!

A “remake”?

Yes, this project is a remake of a VN I created in 2008 as a final project for college. If you want to check out the original project, it’s still available. Please note that the original “Dating Sim” is unplayable due to Flash’s deprecation on December 31, 2020 (though should be playable through a Flash emulator). Which, in turn, is primarily the reason for the remake (with new characters and such).

What you’ll be looking at

  • Script + Character profiles for a word count total of ~4.5k words
  • Genre: BxG, comedy
  • 4th wall breaking
  • Features 3 heroines

What I’m looking for

  • Improving the style and consistency of the story and its characters
  • Fixing any typos and grammatical errors
  • Additions and new ideas are welcome, as long as they go with the original idea. In fact, the script could use some new ideas
  • If adding anything, please keep it below 5.0-5.5k words
  • Reliability, motiviation, and commitment!


  • Good knowledge of English language, specifically American English.
  • Must be comfortable reading / writing suggestive themes and some foul language.
  • Not really required but using a word processor to track changes and leave comments would be nice (MS Word or smiliar).
  • Deadline:
    • While the script is short, I’m giving 2-3 weeks to finish (around the end of the first week of February).
    • Open to extensions, as long as there’s communication.


$40 flat rate, via Paypal. Open to negotiations.

Recruitment Process

If interested please inquire via email, with samples of your previous works (preferably of the same genre of this VN). When sending samples I would greatly appreciate it if they’re sent as link to your site / portfolio / google drive or similar, not copy-pasted into your message (also applies to when hired and sending progress).

I will be keeping this open for at least a week, or until I find someone. Let me know of any questions or concerns. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!


Dating Sim Remake – Artist Recruitment

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2020/12/5 – Closed! I’ve chosen an artist. Thanks to those who applied!

I’m now recruiting an artist for my “Dating Sim” remake!

A “remake”?

Yes, this project is a remake of a VN I created in 2008 as a final project for college. If you want to check out the original project, it’s still available. Do note that the original “Dating Sim” was created using Flash, which will be deprecated on December 31, 2020, and is primarily the reason for the remake (with new characters and as such).

What I need

  • 3 full-body sprites, all female
  • Each character has (1) pose and (2) outfits: school uniform + casual outfit
  • Expressions per character:
    • Girl A: 8
    • Girl B: 9
    • Girl C: 11
  • Anime style
  • Must be comfortable drawing ecchi / suggestive themes
  • Sprites need to be as large as possible to allow room for resizing
  • Finished sprites should be PSD format and layered to allow mix and matching of outfits and expressions
  • Reliability, motiviation, and commitment!
  • Deadlines
    • Show progress at least once weekly
    • All sprites should be done by mid February 2021
    • Able to extend deadlines, as long as there’s communication

Additional info

  • I will need additional artworks later on in the development of this VN.
  • These will include chibis, title art, and event CGs, but for now let’s get the sprites done!

Art style

I’m looking for something of a mix between “Love Live!” and “Idolm@ster” or similar. Of course if you draw in a different anime style I’d still like to see, you never know ^_^


$70-$120 per character (including poses, outfits, and expressions), and is open to reasonable negotiations. Payment via Paypal.

Recruitment Process

Send me an email here with samples of your work. Note: Don’t send said samples as attachments, but rather link(s) to your portfolio of some kind, like your DeviantArt, Pixiv, site, or similar. Speaking of which, if hired, I’d appreciate it if progress and completed works are sent via link as well (dropbox, google drive, etc…), not email attachment.

I will be keeping this open for at least a week, or until I find someone. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!


Ryne says thanks

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Good morning, folks! I’m posting this the week of Thanksgiving, so here’s a chibi of CMD’s protagonist to celebrate!

Ryne's chibi art

Ryne’s just having a relaxing time trying to enjoy some food! While I kind of think he should be wearing some fall clothes to fit this month, CMD takes place in the summer, hence the characters’ summer-themed outfits =) Also, no expression variants this time (him + the NPCs only), because well you’re not rating him, ahaha.

So! I’ve kinda put CMD’s rewrite on temporary hiatus as I continue to work on the “Dating Sim” remake. The rough draft of the script is pretty much complete, and I’m currently outlining recruitment posts for an artist, as well as an editor. These posts might come shortly after Thanksgiving (most likely around the week after).

Alright, there you have it. Happy (early) Thanksgiving, hope you all have a great and safe one as always. And of course thanks as always for sticking around, even during tough times like these!


Julia’s birthday wishes

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Good morning folks, and today happens to be my birthday! To celebrate, here’s a completed version of Julia’s chibi, with all her expressions, in both her waitress and casual outfits:

Julia's chibi art (waitress version)
Julia's chibi art (casual version)

(Excuse the clunkiness in image layout, WordPress forced a new editor on me and I’m still trying to get used to it x_x)

Julia just looks so happy to serve you today! What would it be, a classic Memoria burger, or a plate of beef curry? She recommends the latter! Though, she’ll have put them in to-go boxes for takeout due to dine-in restrictions still in-effect. ^^ While Julia optimistically tries to do her job, sometimes her rivalry with Mikaela gets in the way… she does try to ignore it, though! Now… would you rate her bad because she tries too hard to be perfect (because, well, some might consider her to be a goody-two-shoes)? Or her service really is perfect, and couldn’t be any better?

  • Bad: Disappointed that she didn’t live up to your expectations ó_ò
  • Mediocre: Determined that she’ll make your stay better next time ò_ó
  • Neutral: Of course the service was alright =)
  • Good: Great service, met your expectations =)
    • Note: The expression for this is similar for the “Neutral” rating, but there are subtle differences in eye shape.
  • Best: Ehehe, I didn’t do that great of a job! ^_^

Alright, a bit of a status update on the CMD rewrite: I’ve just finished Tristina and Aurelia’s routes, which leaves me to work on Mikaela and Julia’s routes. However, remember me mentioning “Dating Sim” last month? Well, I’ve already started working on the remake; more accurately, a “requel” (“remake” + “sequel”). The concept is mostly the same as the previous, keeping the craziness and such. And I’ve renamed the girls, with their personalities more or less the same.

Yeah, that’s going to slow down the progress of Café Memoria Deux a bit, but as they say, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” You all probably know by now that CMD is a pretty big VN and it’s gonna be a while. So why not work on smaller stuff at the same time? Like with my Christmas VN, smaller releases help add to my portfolio of projects, and of course help keep followers interested (like you all!).

So yeah, there you have it. I will be posting more chibi art of the remaining CMD characters in the coming months (and will be posting any status updates I have on the rewrite), in addition to posting progress and recruitment for the “Dating Sim” remake.

Alright, time to spend the rest of my birthday by treating myself to some food, and playing some VNs (I have a couple in mind… I might post about them on twitter ^^). See you next month!


Julia’s unfinished business

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What’s up, folks? Hope you’re all doing well as always! Here’s a chibi preview of Julia, in her casual outfit at the moment (unfinished, still waiting for the last bits to get fixed as of this post):

Julia's casual chibi art preview

Unlike the other waitresses, Julia has two versions of her chibi: one in her casual outfit, and another in her waitress uniform (not shown). I don’t know if you remember me mentioning this, but I talked about creating a lollipop-themed VN ~2 years ago. The casual chibi was created in anticipation for said VN as a side project to Café Memoria (Deux). While I do have the script finished, it’s not edited and the project is mostly on hiatus.

But nevertheless, this Julia’s enjoying her day off! She spends them by looking up new recipes and experimenting with them. Care to try out her beef curry?

Otherwise, I’m still working hard on the script rewrite!

BTW, I’ve been seriously considering doing a remake of the first VN I’ve created roughly 12 years ago: “Dating Sim.” I must admit that I was cringing going over it after so many years, but it gave me a good chuckle that it’s probably worth remaking. Not only that but also Flash is going to be obsolete by the end of this year.

Maybe have the script be a bit better (i.e. edited) while retaining the humor, improved voice acting, and of course new sprites of the girls (they will likely have new names). I’ll post more of this should I move forward with it.

That should be it for this month. I’ll post the rest of Julia’s chibi (including her waitress outfit + expressions) hopefully next month, stay tuned!


Aurelia keeping things positive at work

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Hello folks, and welcome to another month of updates! I’ve been continuing to work hard on rewriting CMD’s script. In the meantime, here’s a chibi of Aurelia!

Aurelia's chibi art

2020 can be considered to be a year to forget, but Aurelia’s trying to keep things positive! With her bubbly personality she can make things fun in the café, both for her co-workers and her customers (Mikaela might say otherwise, though, ahaha). Of course, she’ll react differently depending on how you rate her service. Would you rate her bad because she, uh, got into your personal space so much and made you uncomfortable? Or maybe her lovely personality made for great customer service?

  • Bad: She expected an immaculate rating, but received the opposite ó_ò
  • Mediocre: Confused as to why she’s rated subpar @_@
  • Neutral: Yeah, the service was alright =)
  • Good: Pleased to be of service ^_^
  • Best: Just a flirty wink, is this an invitation to a date with her? ;D

Aside from that, as stated above I’m still working on the script rewrite. Otherwise that should be it for now. Thanks, and see you all next month (likely with, uh, more chibis ^_^)!


So… yeah (CMD is being rewritten)

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So, it’s been a year since I’ve released the Café Memoria Deux demo! I’ve got a bit of a lengthy important announcement that will impact the future of the project. To be honest, I’m a little reluctant to share, but it must be said.

CMD - Anna screenshot mockup

Just a mockup screen, not actual gameplay, ahaha

You can only do so much to make things perfect, right? Well, long story short, about two years ago I gave CMD’s script another read, just to have a bit of a refresher. I wasn’t exactly planning to make any changes since it’s the final draft and such. However, I started having second thoughts as I noticed a number of problems (including, but not limited to):

  • Julia and Aurelia’s character development look pretty weak
    • Adding to the above point, I have quite a bit of great ideas not only for those girls, but also the others as well, that are not in the script
  • Alden feels like he’s just there, not really supporting the plot
  • Compared to the first Café Memoria, the parts where they discuss eating the food felt like it had corners cut
  • Second week of the story feels like it’s just filler without much development
  • Feature creep

So… it came to the point that the script needed to be rewritten. That’s right, I’m in the process of rewriting the whole script. I must admit that I started re-outlining right after the release of the CMD demo, followed by rewriting the script since April (~4 months ago). The shutdown allowed me to get a chunk of it done, and now I’m currently in the middle of writing Tristina’s route as of this blog post (which means I’m a little more than halfway through the rewrite).

There you have it, folks. I’m very sorry if I haven’t been showing much progress in CMD lately – I’ve been working my tail off the past months (or year) on that. I guess one can say that I’m a bit of a perfectionist and therefore things are not getting finished. However, I believe that this rewrite is very much necessary – not only the old script didn’t really turn out to be something I envisioned, but I also feel that it’s not exactly my best work.

Gotta admit that I felt sick at the prospect of discarding months / years of writing (FYI, I’m not actually gonna delete them; more like archiving). But going forward, this is best for the project (albeit a bit of a risk). Café Memoria is a place where “your stay will be memorable,” and I want CMD to be a memorable VN with memorable characters.

Why haven’t I “gotten it right” in the first place? I try not to compare my projects with other peoples’ stuff, but I think playing several other VNs influenced me on what makes a “quality VN”. I feel like my standards have changed quite a bit over the years. It’s not about achieving “Fate Stay/Night” (FSN) or “Doki Doki Literature Club” (DDLC) levels of popularity; it’s more about letting your passion show in your work, watching it grow into something you’d want it to be. There’s also that sense of satisfaction in the end when people play your game and enjoy it. 🙂

Also a little tweet I posted months back that is somewhat relevant to this post:

I’m gonna get the whole script re-edited once I’m done writing. Thankfully artworks (sprites, BGs, food art, etc.) won’t need to be redone, but CMD’s site needs to be updated to reflect the changes. I’m considering creating another demo with the new script, too.

Also a reminder, if you have any suggestions for the project do let me know in the comments (or send me an email)! I highly encourage you to play the CMD demo and/or the first Café Memoria if you haven’t already.

Thanks for your patience folks for still sticking around, and apologies if I disappointed any of you with this setback. I know you all want to have a great story, and I’m still pouring my heart and soul into this; I still got plenty of gas left in the tank. 🙂

See you all in next month’s update!


Tristina still here and working

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Hey folks! How is everyone doing? Things have been a little hectic on my end – that is, being back to work and among other things. Anyway, here’s a chibi of Tristina this time!

Tristina's chibi art

Tristina sure looks a little happy to serve you! She struggles a bit with male customers, but she’s trying her best to give the best service possible. I mean, with times like these, she can’t afford to drive off potential guests – she’d likely get fired if she did that, ahaha. Again, she’ll react differently depending on how you rate her service. Rate her terribly because she treated you unfairly? Or she actually treated you fairly (shock!)?

  • Bad: Doesn’t care that you rated her terribly ù_ú
  • Mediocre: Irritated / “yeah whatever” ò_ó
  • Neutral: She did alright, not exactly reacting to your rating ō_ō
  • Good: Trying not to smile, she actually likes you é_è (not sure how to express that here ^^;)
  • Best: A rather silly expression, shocked that you gave her the best rating; also, hearts in eyes Ô_Ô

She has the anger vein thing going on for her “bad” expression (like with Mikaela), but it’s cropped off =X

As far as CMD progress goes, I’m still working on it! I must apologize if things seem a little slow. I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing as of late (as well as being back to work as stated before). Speaking of which, I’m planning to make a bit of an announcement next month, which is related to said writing.

That should be it this month. Take care everyone!


Happy Café Memoria Day 2020!

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Remember that time a waitress greeted you with a lovely smile, with a sweet-sounding “hello” as you walk through the door? How about the time she made you smile as she put that warm cup of coffee on your table? What about the time she accidentally got your order wrong, and went out of her way to fix it for you? Let’s also not forget the times you’ve watched her have to put up with rude and unruly guests – keeping a calm demeanor in the face of adversity.

Let’s also not forget that she’s also there to provide us great service, even during times like these. Honoring all waitstaff. Happy Café Memoria Day! To celebrate, here’s some chibis ^_^

Happy Café Memoria Day 2020 - Mikaela and Aurelia

Mikaela and Aurelia (and the other waitresses) feel appreciated that their hard work is being noticed! Because you know, working in the food industry can feel like a thankless job. I can certainly say they can make your days better – I’m reminded of a time when I was having a pretty bad day and just went out by myself to grab a bite. As I left, a server told me, “have a good day!”

We might think that those four simple words are empty, and are only saying that just because it’s their job. But stop for a moment and think – they could be sincere in those words. I felt the sincerity in the server and responded with, “thanks, you too.” I dunno, it just felt like all the bitterness I had that day just faded away.

I must admit, waitstaff have to be some of the toughest-minded people out there. I mean, the pressure of serving multiple customers at once, communicating with their team, and of course dealing with the bad customers that pop up. And at the same time, providing you with great service. They deserve recognition in what they do.

Before I forget, these chibis were done by Arctic Fox (her twitter)! Remember the 10th anniversary CG? Yes, that’s the same artist. She’s done a wonderful job in these cute chibis of Mikaela and Aurelia ^_^

Remember to tip your server if you thought he/she did a great job!

That should be it for this month. Hope you’re all doing well and safe!


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