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Before I open the Café Memoria site and release a demo, there’s something I’d like to address.

If you visited the PixælSoft site (not to be confused with the Pixæl Works site) then you might have noticed there’s not much in there. I’ve had that site for quite a long time and haven’t had much time to design a layout (that and laziness 😛 ). Since I’m nearing the demo release of Café Memoria, I thought it was time to make the PixælSoft site look much nicer. So I spent the weekend designing it.

Here’s what it looked like before (yes, it was that simple):

Old PixælSoft site

And, here’s what it looks like now:

Updated PixælSoft Site

Come take a look at the site!

What’s the difference between the Soft and the Works site? The Soft site focuses primarily on visual novels I’ve created. The Works site showcases more than VNs, like college projects, music compositions, Photoshop art, and such, kind of like a portfolio of my abilities. I haven’t had much time to update it, unfortunately. But! I’ll keep it up just in case anyone’s interested; hopefully I’ll try to update it with more content soon.

The Café Memoria site is almost done! I will open it sometime this week, along with a demo release!

Enjoy and stay tuned!

-Ryne (project manager)


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